Poha Community Update

Dear Par One Homeowners Association,

Here is a list of projects that have been completed within the last month:

Security Cameras– The security camera system around the office/pool was not working properly. So, we hired Integrity AV Solutions to update our system. He ran new wires and installed Five (5)-2MP Dome cameras at the pool. The broken cameras and wiring were destroyed by exterior elements. The new cameras have a much sharper picture, and the cameras/wiring are rated for outdoor application. The broken DVR was replaced & all cameras are now on one computer screen. They are recording when motion activated, and the system is working properly now. 

Walkway from Highrise #2 Repaired– There were several reports from wheelchair users that the dip at the end of the walkway going to parking lot was causing a problem for them & they were getting stuck. The sidewalk was cracked and had sunken down lower that the pavement. A 10ft section of the sidewalk was replaced. 

Tree/Hurricane Cleanup in Par4 behind Buildings 39 & 40– Professional Lawn Service has removed fallen trees and stumps behind buildings along the edge of the golf course. About a year ago, I filed a complaint with code enforcement to try to get the Golf Course to clean up this area. The County finally forced them to clean up their side of the problem area, and they removed many trees and stumps. And, now the remaining trees and stumps on our side of property line have been cleared. 

Here is a list of pending/in progress projects:

Two Irrigation Wells Need Replaced There are two wells that have failed and must be replaced. One is located behind the maintenance building & the other is located at the west end of the clubhouse. Both wells irrigate around the office and the recreational areas. We have a bid from Golden Gate Wells to repair the problem. The total cost will be $12,580.00. We have confirmed with Steve at Collier that we have funds to pay for replacement. The work will be completed this summer. 

Additional Lighting at Curve Near Office-There have been numerous requests to have additional light pole installed at the curve just past the office. And, to increase lighting in office parking lot by tennis courts & increase lighting on roadside of clubhouse facing Par 4. We have received bids from multiple vendors & will schedule work to be completed this summer. 

Sign Replacement– There are many signs around the property that are in poor condition. They are extremely faded from the sun. We will be replacing signs as needed throughout the summer. 

Bulletin Boards- There are many bulletin boards that are in poor condition around the property. The enclosures are molded and bowed from moisture. And, the posts are rotten and falling apart. These will be replaced as needed throughout the summer.  

Handicapped Spaces & Car Bumpers– Maintenance will be painting all handicapped parking space lines and car bumpers the color “Blue” throughout the summer to increase visibility. 

Sod Replacement & Stump Removal We will be replacing sod in several bare spot areas throughout the Pars as requested by the Garden Club. Also, any stumps that may have been overlooked from Hurricane Irma will be removed during the summer. 

Swimming Pool Stain Removal POHA pool will be closed Wednesday & Thursday, June 5th & 6th. Bill with Certified Pools will be acid washing the brown stains off the bottom of the swimming pool floor. He will complete this work without draining the pool. The job will be complete & pool reopened on Friday, June 7th. 

Kitchen Project– Contracts have been signed & received by Mahoney’s Handyman & CaptiveAire. The commercial vent/fire suppression system & 6 burner stove will be installed. We are in communication with the contractors, and they are working on their schedule. We will have a timeline of the project within the next couple of weeks. Our goal is to have the first phase of the kitchen project completed by end of September. 

Work Order Report for Period January 2019- May 2019– Workorders Received- 281, Workorders Completed-266, Workorders Open/Pending-15. Maintenance will be involved in many of the projects listed above over the summer. 

We have plenty to do to keep us busy over the summer!  And, we will do our best to make sure that the Pars are in “Tip Top” Condition when you return next season.

Have a nice day!

Shannon Hyser

Community Association Manager